Kemoke (Kenni Skafte Mortensen) is the name of an electronic musician from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. With his roots in the world of computer generated music, Kemoke has always been on a search for new and unique ways of expressing electronic music. Always pushing the music in new directions, making it interesting to people around the world.

The interest in electronic music started back in '89 where Kemoke began his career with an Amiga and a small sampler. Since then a huge amount of songs have been composed using both Amiga and PC with classic applications like Pro-Tracker and Fasttracker II. Today the old trackers have been switched out with a pro setup with far more possibilities and flexibility.

Kemoke finds inspiration for his music in everything around him. Different feelings and moods often becomes the inspiration source for his songs. What the future holds for Kemoke is uncertain, but being released with The Matrix Reloaded, Animatrix and has surely made it look bright as the sun.

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